grow, develop, be more.

Ah the good ol’ comfort zone. We love it, we enjoy it, and its easy. Its allows us to be safe and secure. We never have to face failure or disappointment. We take our comfort zone for granted. We abuse it and eventually let it control our lives. We get use to it and grow complacent. We become like a lion locked up in a zoo and slowly fade into the darkness.

Growth only happens when you step outside of your comfort zone. Like real growth. The type where you begin to see what your good at and what you suck at. You will fail, you will make mistakes, you will get laughed at, you will get rejected, you will be outcast, but you will grow. All these negative experiences can be lessons that help us grow. They let us know what doesn’t work in life so we can amend our approach to situations and, slowly, begin to achieve positive results. Slowly we gain positive experience which we can use to help us have a worldly view on situations rather than having tunnel vision. It allows us to act quickly and positively in similar situations, but the experience you receive can also be used to help other areas of our lives.

When you begin to step outside of your comfort zone you have a chance to see what you are actually capable of. You will slowly begin to see your true potential, because you are continuously testing how far you actually can go. I will be honest, you will be quite surprised how talented you actually are when you put your mind to it. Each of us has unlimited potential. Its our comfort zone, laziness, and procrastination among other things that keep us from reaching our potential.

When you begin to expand beyond what you already know and travel out of your comfort zone. You will begin to learn a great deal about yourself. You will learn that you had some abilities a talents that you never knew existed. You will get rid of other abilities and talents that are no longer useful towards your higher potential. Your goal at this point is to continue to expand and test your limits. Test and push yourself to build a strong foundations of great habits, positive thinking, and develop your skills.

Now its time to share your gift with the world. Share your talents and abilities with the world. Share with them your journey out of your comfort zone and how you developed into an all-star. How you let your true potential shine, because you believed in yourself.

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