It’s motivating to see someone else do something kind.

We go through our days, we have some ups and we have some downs. We focus on whats in front of us and keep our goals in mind. While we chip away at our daily grind. We get so focused on our routine and self-improvement that we forget to stop and smell the roses sometimes. And then out of no where, someone does it for us. They pause to reflect on our hard work and say a few words that make us stand 10 feet tall. Some else took the time to notice your daily struggle and thanks you. Just a simple thank you, smile, or a “great job” are little victories that we need.

These little victories let us know that we are on a good path. That we are working with passion and using our heart to guide our actions. We are deeply connected with the process of our growth, daily struggle, or our to-do list that we take our success for granted at times. We sometimes feel like we are not good enough or not strong enough to do certain things, but in fact we have accomplished them already. We let our negative voices keep us down at times and it could slow down our growth.

But then, out of no where, comes this quiet thank you. And you pause for a second and realize that you’re doing it. Your actually working towards something. You are making progress and its positive progress. You slowly start to reflect on where you started and where you are now. When you realize all the growth that took place you can become a bit flabbergasted. But that’s okay. Continue. Continue to move forward and continue your path to success.

When you use these small victories of others acknowledging your accomplishments as fuel, you can get a lot of momentum in your favor. You can fill your sails back up and squash those negative thoughts and focus on your growth.

Overall its nice to hear that someone else is paying attention to your hard work and appreciates it. Just don’t let that get to your head. Keep your feet on the ground, stay humble, and focus on your grind. When you stay true to yourself, you will continue to get these thank you’s and good job’s from people you never know existed.

Keep up the awesome work and stick to your grind!

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