Starting with the Customer

Ah the good ol customer battle.

How do you get new customers?

How do you keep them?

And, how do you turn them into organic growth?

Its simply, but it requires a lot of work. Focus on your customers and how they interact with your product or service. Is it a positive experience, negative, or just neutral. This is usually the best place to start. Is the product or service that you are supplying meeting the needs of the customer? If it is not, then changes need to be made. Rather than cramming the product or service down your customers throat. Take a dynamic approach and change things up. A new version or variation may do the trick.

The best way to get good customer feedback is to watch their habits when interacting with any of your marketing touch points, product, or service. Pay attention to body language, facial expressions and comments that they may make. Are the positive comments or negative ones? If a customer usually speaks their mind about your product or service and gives you honest feed back. That could mean that 100+ other customers have had the exact same thoughts and were too shy to share them. Paying attention to these clues can help you implement change. But mainly the right change, the kind that will speak to your customers more.

So, the key is to build a good dialogue with your customer. Is your product or service having the right conversation with them? And is that keeping them engaged with your business? Look a the ways you are engaging your customers, product or service, and they ways you are not. Try new innovative ways that your competitors have not used and your company does not use. Be open to change and build a strong relationship with your customers. Keep the dialogue positive and help promote the right products and services that your customers are looking for.

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