Know your customer!

So you’ve done some research and found out how to change-up our product or service to gain some loyalty. Developing that loyalty and converting that customer is key to the long-term success for your organization. If you sell them one product and you never see that customer again. Why?

Did they take their business somewhere else?

Was your up selling not successful?

Are your touch points not developing longterm relationships?

It is key to capture a customer in your sales funnel and carefully watch them as they go through the different stages of the funnel. Figure out what part is rubbing them the wrong way and be dynamic. Change what needs to be changed. You need to be able to provide a product or service that enhances their quality of life. You can’t just cram your brand down their throat and expect them to return.

Create a sales funnel that is efficient and meets the needs of your customers. The goal is to convert them into repeat customers and eventually help them market your business. When they are repeat customers you can up sell them accessories to the  products or services they already purchase, which helps generate additional profits.

When you convert a customer, you can use them as part of your marketing team. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! When you keep your repeat customers happy they will promote you with in your communities. Free advertising! If its free and it makes you money it might be worth it. Work to develop organic growth for your organization, by converting customers, keeping them happy, and having them promote your brand to their communities.

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