Other people, am I right?

Going through life you have the chance to meet lots of different people. Whether its a roommate, classmate, coworker, parents, siblings, friends, lovers, family members, associates, acquaintances, and enemies, all of these people have an impact on your life. They help shape who you are, what you talk about, what you wear, and the direction our lives go. You have the ability to hand pick the people you hangout with or just go with the flow.

You have the power to control what you do and how you see the world, but you have little to no power over other people. You have your opinions, thoughts, and a direction in life. The other people in your life have their own opinions, thoughts and their own direction in life. Someones these opinions, thoughts, and directions do not mix well. This can cause problems for you depending on how you view and handle the situation. Either you let your emotions take over or take a step back from the situation.

If you choose to let your emotions get the best of you then you are in for a treat. You will become obsessed with this person and allow all the negative energy to eat away at you. You will be consumed by what they do, how they act, and what they are talking about. You will find negative things about everything they say and choose to create drama over the whole thing. All because they think a certain way about you and you don’t agree with it.

Not everyone in life is going to like you. Once you can understand that its a lot easier to move on. This is taking a step back from the scenario and taking a good look at what is going on. What are you doing that is causing this other person to act this way. Is it because you are working hard, focusing on your life and minding your business? Are they upset because you aren’t giving them attention? Are they upset because you are successful? These kinds of questions are good to ask when situations like these arise.

So why is the person really upset. Is it something that directly effects your life? Is it something that is going to cause you to change the course of your success? If not then don’t worry about it. Live your life and keep working towards what makes you happy. Respect that person for their opinion, but don’t waste your time with it. Just let it be. Your life is meant to be enjoyed and not wasted focusing on other peoples opinions.

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