Life Happens

You know, life happens. It’s just one of those things.

Well that do I mean by that. There are many things that happen on a daily basis that we have absolutely no control over. The weather, traffic, other people, and things outside of your immediate control. We tend to let these simple things control us in a way that changes the course of our whole day. We allow these factors to have direct control over our emotions and planning for that day. These factors can even cause us to cancel our plans and cause of to do something else. It’s just so much trouble.

Instead of letting someone else and their life dictate your life and happiness, step back and accept the situation for what it is. There is no point to let your day go down the drain just because someone else is having a horrific day. Just accept that person is having a bad day and leave it at that. Everyone has a bad day, some people more that others, but it can always be sunshine and rainbows. It’s a waste of your energy and time to worry about these things. Accept that situation for what it is and move on. Use your time and energy for the things that matter most to you. If someone cancels on you for the evening, who cares. There are a million other things to do in the world. There is no point to let that single event wreck the rest of your evening and possible cause you to have some emotional breakdown for the next week because someone else cancelled on you. Accept things for what they are and move on. If it doesn’t work out, you probably saved yourself from some headache later on down the road.

Enjoy the moment, enjoy your life, and accept things for what they are. Use your energy and time for things that are going to help you excel. Worry about whats next, how can I challenge myself, what haven’t I learned yet, how can I become stronger or smarter, and think of ways to keep yourself moving forward. These are things you have control over. These are the things you can focus on. Instead of complaining and letting a rainy day ruin your life. Put on some rain boots and grab an umbrella. The day will continue and you will still be able to do all the things you wanted to do.

Accept that life happens sometimes and that you cannot control everything. Focus on your prize and not your circumstance.

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