Mind your own

So many things affect our daily lives. Whether it has to do with politics, school, world events, drama, tv, friends, and family. All these sources and more distract us from what is really important, our lives. We get so focused on what is happening in the news, around the world, and with everything else except our own personal life. We freely give so much of our attention, time, and energy away that we are often left empty, tired, or broke. We become so engulfed with these outside forces that we forget to be happy.

Our focus distracts us to the point where we can give up on dreams, passions, and even our personal growth and development. We believe that our contribution to the outside world is more validating that what is inside. Our reputation with like-minded people is very important to us, but when we day-dream it is about wealth, knowledge, creation, and popularity. We never dream about the current events that keep us distracted. The outside events that are outside of our realm of control. Keeping on this path we begin to become a product of our circumstance and not our prize. We allow outside events to dictate our lives. But we do so knowingly. We do so because we want to be accepted and a part of something. That’s great and wonderful, but at some point your going to snap out of it. Your going to come to the realization that constantly focusing on outside events doesn’t get you very far in life. You leave behind your dreams, desires, and passions, because it was  more important to be popular.

Start minding your own business. Start by cutting out the time-consuming things in your life. Get rid of the people, places, or things that consume large amounts of your time. That one friend who keeps you engaged in conversations that have zero mean, that dead-end job, that relationship that hasn’t changed in two years. Stop waiting for things to change. Stop waiting for the outside world to provide you with what you want. Go out there and take it.

Start focusing on your life, your growth and your happiness. The more you do this the more you will be able to give in life. The friends you have will change, you’ll either get a promotion or a new job, and you can be in a relationship that actually means something to you and it isn’t just a Facebook status thing.

Begin to build your self-confidence, your self-esteem, your thinking capabilities, and your personality. When you start to mind your own business and put all that energy into your growth and development you will get the things you want, because you are willing to work for them. Focus on strengthening your mind, body, and spirit, but strengthen them together. When you balance the three it allows you to have a very balanced and happy life. You will, in time, begin to see positive changes in your life and eventually watch your dreams unfold before your very eyes.

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