Seek to Understand

Take the time to understand something. Understanding what it is actually about, why it works, or doesn’t work. This is important to help give you an edge in life. When you take the time to understand something, how it works, why it works, and what all the moving parts are, you develop an understanding about what you’re working with. You know when something goes wrong, why it went wrong, and how to fix it almost immediately.

Actually understanding something takes time. You can’t rush the process because then you will only be stuck with surface facts or information, which can lead to trouble later on down the road. When you rely on surface information to fuel your arguments you’re eventually going to get found out and someone who understands what is going on will educate you. These kinds of scenarios are caused because its easier to work with surface information rather than taking the to understand what is actually going on.

Developing an understanding is a process that takes time. The reason it takes a lot of time is because you have to learn about everything, you have to experience everything, and those things take time. It takes days, weeks, and months to develop the experiences to help with understanding. It takes days, weeks, and months, to develop an understanding through education, reading, or other forms of learning. With these two together it takes some time.

Why is having an understanding so valuable? Well if used properly in a relationship, you are able to understand your partner thoroughly. So if they are having a bad day you know how to cheer them up or help make their life a bit easier. You know the things they like and when they like them. You are able to provide the unique and special dates they are looking for. You are able to help them out without them having to ask for it. You’re able to be a better partner in the relationship and have more success within your relationship.

If you understand how your business or organization works and how it engages customers. You know how to add a high level of value to the company, because you see what is working and what is not working. You can help steer your organization in a direction that helps build a stronger relationship with vendors and a better dialogue with customers. Helping build a strong foundation and allowing you to usher in a bright future for the organization.

Take the time to learn about things in life. Take more time to learn how it works, why it works, when it works, and develop an understanding about it. Then use that information to help add value to your life.

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