Help make someones day!

While on your journey through life you have the chance to learn and gain a great deal of experience. If you have chosen to focus on personal growth, it adds a great deal to your knowledge base. This makes you a very valuable individual. So what do you do with all this knowledge. Do you keep it locked up in your head and use it for self-benefitting reasons or do you share it?

Adding value to another persons life is a phenomenal gift. Having the ability to positively impact another individuals life is a way to use your knowledge in a positive way. Being able to expand and open someones mind to see new possibilities. Help them unlock potential they never knew they had and enrich their life with your experiences is a life changing gift. It allows to person to exceed the expectations they set forth for themselves and achieve goals that help elevate them to a better life.

Sharing knowledge and experience can be difficult. The person has to be open to new information. Some people just aren’t ready to receive higher knowledge, because they let their ego cloud their judgment and life. Once an individual has the ability to remove themselves from the equation and has an open mind they are ready to receive knowledge. You have to ease into it and not pour everything you know onto them in one day. Make it an interactive exercise were both parties have input and it’s not a lecture. It helps accelerate the learning curve and allows them to learn information that they are interested in and you are able to share your insights on those topics.

When you have shared your knowledge with this person and you are able to add a great deal of value to their lives, it’s a great thing to watch them grow. To become more than they were before and have a greater impact with their current role in life. Its an invaluable gift that keeps on giving. They will remember the kindness of your lessons and in time begin to mentor their own people.

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