Paying attention to your customers.

As you develop your business more and more each day. You also focus on developing your sales funnel and tailoring it to the needs of your target audience. You ensure the proper venues are being used and that your content is engaging. The right social media platforms are being used and you are gaining more followers each day. You make some sales here and there, but nothing what you could be.

So you change-up the marketing scheme to what you think will work best. You even used a focus group to test your new sales funnel and it had great results. With great confidence you move forward and slowly change over to the new marketing strategy. Again, you are faced with a low conversion rate and are unable to bring in the profits you projected.

Sometimes our view of the world is not the right one. We try to impose our standards and likes onto our audiences. We force the “this product will make your life better because…” line on them and it’s not working.

Take a mental step back and see whats going on. Pay attention to your customers.

What does your target audience like to do for fun?

What do they like to do before they watch a movie?

What is the first product they use in the morning?

What kind of life style are they living?

You have to figure out the answer for these questions. There are many more, but this is a good start. Relate your product to how it can enhance the activities that they already do.

Customers get told all the time, buy my product because it will more your life better. But there is no relationship being built with the customer. Your just forcing your marketing strategy and product down their throat.

Relate your product to the life style they are living. How can your product relate to their life style?


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