Some opportunities are better!

Opportunities are a dime a dozen. They present themselves every day, every moment, and every second. You just have to open your eyes and look for them. Every decision, action, and thought can turn into a new opportunity, whether it be good or bad. The key is using the right opportunities that have positive impacts on your life and help you grow.

Choosing opportunities can be hard. Sometimes everything is moving in the right direction. We have the right job, right partner, live in a great house or apartment. Then out of no where a new opportunity presents itself. A better job whether a lateral move in terms of pay or a significant salary increase. Or a better opportunity to grow. Maybe being accepted into grad school, a new training program, an idea that could change the world, a thought that could start a new company, many opportunities present themselves out of no where, but what do you do.

Its important in these situations to have your values and principles in order. Have a clear picture of what means most to you. Is it important that you earn more money or gain some serious experience? Is it important that you are constantly challenged or want something that allows you to have more personal time. Take the time to figure out what your values and principles are. Really sit down a think, take sometime to figure it out. Because figuring out what your values and core principles are will help you when these opportunities present themselves.

When you have your values and principles in order you are able to make a sound decision about these opportunities that present themselves. But before you decide take the time to understand what the opportunity is about. Learn all the ends and outs of it. Learn how it could positively affect your life or have adverse affects that could hurt you later on. When you have a good grasp on the opportunity and the pro’s and con’s it presents, make a decision based on your values and principles. When you use your values and principles to make these types of decisions it allows you to stay consistent in all aspects of your life, but also keep on your path in life. It helps you stay focused on your end goal and allows you to take opportunities that help you grow and develop in that direction.

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