Enjoy the journey!

Dreaming is great. Dreams give us something to work towards. If we dream to have a fancy house, a high paying job, own a successful business, or be very talented we begin to think about these things on a regular basis. Slowly we become obsessed with this. We turn out obsession into a passion. And then use this passion to give out lives direction.

We begin to write goals that help us achieve the milestones of our dreams. We become focused on long term and short term goals. We learn to plan goals so that we can maximize our results and achieve them faster. We get very focused on crossing goals off of our list, but we start to lose the real value of the whole thing.

The process is the most important thing when working towards goals or growth. It is during the process we slowly become the person we want to be and get closer to the life we want to live. Learning about different things, staying up late to finish reading a book, running an extra mile, or trying something new are the beneficial things. These are the activities that help build the strong habits and discipline that help us fulfill our dreams. When we focus on developing these strong habits and maintaining structure and discipline with our lives, that is when we succeed. Because we are no longer focusing on crossing off that goal on a piece of paper and being happy. We begin to work to strengthen these habits that help us get up and 5 am to read a book before work or go to the gym to get an extra workout in. Its focusing on your actives during the day and developing a strict code for yourself that ensure you are continuously moving forward towards your goals.

The process is what should be enjoyed, because it is the place where the most change occurs and we become the people we want to become.

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