Traveling and you.

Pack your suit case and get away, just go. Sitting in the same house, city, or state is not going to expose you to much. You have to see different parts of the world and experience its glory.

Traveling has the ability to broaden your horizon. It pushes the boundaries of what you know and shows you new possibilities. It is a chance to experience new and exciting. It is also a chance for change.

When you stuff that suit case and head out into the big open world things start to change. You experience the beauty of historical locations, see how other people live, and realize how small your life in the big picture of things. It gives you a chance to enjoy the now more. To enjoy the moments rather than events. This brings greater meaning to life and helps you become a more sincere person.

Being able to stand in an old cathedral in Europe and feel the cold air against your skin and the stale smelling air, is an aw-moment. During moments like these you being to value experience over things. You prefer to live life rather than purchase cool fancy toys to impress a bunch of people.

Traveling has another unique lesson to teach. You slowly being to accept things for what they are rather than what you expect them to be. Recently, I was reminded of this fact. While traveling from Boston to Munich i had a layover in London. My original flight from Boston to London was delayed causing me to miss my connecting flight in London, which caused me to reschedule my flight to Munich for a flight later in the day. At first I was upset and mildly cranky, but when i got my head out of my ass and took the opportunity for what it was, I had a few extra hours to explore something I haven’t seen in a long time. I was able to see the airport and all its amenities and I even had a great conversation with an elderly gentlemen about life.

In time you are also open to more ways of life. When you stay in one spot for longer periods all you know is what you see everyday or what is stated in newspapers or on tv. When you travel and see how different cultures live and experience their ways. You gain a better understanding of their culture and accept it. I am not saying you have to change your whole life, but just accept another human being for their culture, points of view, or religion.

Start saving your spare change, stash $20 every paycheck, or rob a bank (just kidding, don’t do that), so that you have money to travel and experience new and exciting things. Even if you don’t take an international flight visit a city near you that you have never been too, it’s that easy. Just go out and experience the world.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

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