It’s between you and you.

You’re the only one that has power over your life. You have to believe in yourself, your potential, and your ability. It all starts with you, but most importantly it starts with effort. You have to put effort into your life in order for anything to happen. It has to be consistent effort on a daily basis.

Effort comes from nowhere but with in you. Either you are hungry for growth or you’ll be in the same spot for a long time. You will have many things that test your resolve throughout your life. Other people, situations, jobs, and your circumstances will test you on a daily basis. But if you are strong enough your effort will never wane, it will be consistent day in and day out. Because your effort is only determined by you. You are in control of how much effort or how little effort you give your day.

When you choose to go forward no matter what and have goals or dreams to become something great you will need a lot off effort. Effort is the energy that you put into your tasks. Your daily grind is directly affected by your effort. The stronger you are and the stronger your effort is the greater the success you will have.

When you put an extraordinary amount of effort towards your goals and dreams amazing things will begin to happen. Instead of doing the bare minimum you will strive for more. You will strive for perfection. This constant push for perfection will help you develop a knowing about what you are working towards. You will become an apprentice, then a journeyman, and eventually a master. But that only happens when you give your full attention to your goals and dreams. And everyday you give more effort that you did the day before.

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