Use your customers.

Thats right use them. Use them in a way that makes your business grow. Use them in a way that helps make you more money. But, wait a minute. Why take advantage of people. Isn’t that wrong. Like immorally unjust? Still use them…

Let’s say you have a customer come in to use your product or service and they are unhappy. They have a few choice words to say to you about the way they were treated or the how crappy your product is. USE THAT EXPERIENCE!!!! Listen to them. Listen and learn.

First off, change your mindset on a customer complaint. A customer complaint is an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to get better and show them that you can meet their standards. So how do you do that?

Secondly. Take a look at what happened. What did they say. Write it down. Now, write down all the touchpoints that they interacted with when they made the purchase. Do some detective work and figure out what caused it to go so wrong. If you become proactive and change the problem. You could have a chance at winning that customer back and that is huge. Huge because they will brag to their friends that you gave them a unique experience and made them feel special. That you were able to step away from your ego and show them that you cared about them.

Never let moments like these discourage you from doing great work. Moments like this lead you do to excellent work, because it just keeps getting better. Put your ego aside and learn. Learn everything you can from customer interactions. Push to develop not only great customer service, but how to give them an experience.

In the end, focusing on the small details within your organization make the bigger picture look better. Its the little things that count the most.

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