Get your customer right

You’ve been in dream land for awhile and you said enough is enough. You grabbed onto your dream and began making it real. You worked countless hours to develop this amazing product or service. You made many sacrifices to keep moving forward. You put in the time, you put in the effort, and now its time to launch.

You quickly realize you spent so much time developing your product or service that you gave little time to the other things of a business. Administrative stuff, marketing, funding, and the list keeps going. You’re worried. Your panic that it is not going to work. That you wasted all this time for nothing. That you made all those sacrifices for nothing.

Don’t give up. Learn.

Your product or service is amazing. It solves this problem that you have dealt with on a daily basis. You instantly notice the positive effects of using it on a daily basis. Now figure out who has the same problem. Figure out who gets aggravated when they encounter that situation.

Those are you customers. Well they are the best ones to start with. Start to talk with them. Get to know them and understand why they get mad, upset, or aggravated when they have that problem. Ask them, if there was a solution, how would that make them feel. Figure out how they think about the product and start to mould your marketing campaign towards those areas. Focus on letting the customers know they are empowered by using your product. That it is something that helps them grow.

Get it right with your first customers and let them help you. When they are satisfied with your product ask them if they have any friends that would be interested. Begin to grow your customer base.

But do not stop there. Your customer base is important. You have the treat them with respect and show them authenticity. They are the people that got you started. It is very important to remember that, because developing strong relationships with customers is essential. It keeps them coming back when you make your next product or upgrade your service.

Happy Customer, happy business!

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