Use your head silly!

Sometimes we get caught up in making the same mistakes over and over again. Yeah each time is a bit different and there is hope that this time will be better, but it’s not. Slightly different story, but the same result as all the times before. It’s probably getting pretty annoying by now. Just repeating the same mistakes. It can start to wear down your self-esteem, your confidence, and your general attitude towards life.

Use your head and think about what’s going on. You went through something similar before and now your about the repeat the same thing. Stop. Think about what is going on. Really think. How did you feel the last time it happened? If you were angry, sad, or hurt its time for a change. No one on earth likes being sad, angry, or hurt, so why should you. So you don’t like the way you felt then why would you go through something like that again?

Was the other person or thing really worth it? Were they worth your time? Was it beneficial to you in some way? Don’t look at the surface value of it, but dig deeper. Was it a status thing to show the world you made it or was it to appease your critics? Why were you putting yourself in this scenario again? Once you figure out why you keep repeating your mistake you can make some advances to changing it.

Instead of repeating. Change how you approach the situation. Use the experience you gain from the other times to your benefit. If the other person or thing hurt you and just left you out to dry, then there is no point to continuously repeat that. Change your approach. If it has all the signs of the previous times, stop, and change. Instead of allowing yourself to be the victim, become the person who makes the decision. If it’s not worth you getting angry over or its not worth the hassle of a status, then quit it. Just break it off and do something else. Your time is too precious to be wasting it on someone or something like that. Either you own your life and what happens in it or you will constantly be a victim.

When you change your approach to scenarios like these and use your experience to your benefit then you are able to avoid these situations before they become too serious. You are able to grow from these events and use them as opportunities to grow.

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