Your product, your customer

Bam! You have this idea and made a product for it. You tested it out for a week or so and things seem to be working. A few kinks here and there, but overall is fixing the problem and making life easier. So you start to share this idea with potential customers and see what their response is. You let them use the product and see if they have the same success that you had.

Some of them come back and are not happy. They said it fixed the problem, but isn’t very user-friendly, labor intensive, or too slow. They give you some ideas that would make the product ideal for them in terms of solving the problem.

You brainstorm these ideas and come up with version 2.0 of your product. You’re excited and ready to start testing it again. You share the new product with the testers again. Better results. Great feedback this time! Just a few suggestions to make things better, but overall the main concept of the product is still there. You go back for a third time and adjust your product again.

It’s a hit. A lot of success. The testers are very happy and pleased and say it fully fixes their problem, its easy to use, and even saves them time. Now its easier to expand to real customers and start selling your product.

It’s important to act on constructive feedback from your customers. By listening to them and tailoring your product to their needs, while still maintaining the core concept of the product is huge. This allows you to make the product more efficient, user-friendly, and marketable.

By pay attention to your customers/testers early on. If you don’t and go into mass production too soon. You could have been sitting on product that doesn’t sell and them you will have to pay to get the new versions made. This will severely increase your start-up costs and could cause your product to not launch.

Be smart and flexible. The more of a dynamic approach you have when developing your product. It will allow for faster iterations. Allowing you to get the product that sells and develop happy customers.

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