It’s the little things…

It’s the little things that go a long way. A simple hello, please, or thank you, heck maybe even holding the door for someone can be rewarding for you and the other person. We have gotten focused on receiving attention for our good deeds and displaying them to the world through a variety of social media platforms. Who cares. Just be nice to be nice. At the end of the day the main two things in the universe are cooperation and harmony. If we put aside our egos from time to time and help another human being out it can help make someones day great.

Being kind is not just a light switch you can turn on or off. It is a way of life. It is a way of showing respect to the outside world. Its treating someone like a human being and giving them respect where it is due. Its greeting them with a smile. Being very polite when you have a conversation with them. Its holding the door for them or simply helping them out in a time of need.

It’s also respecting the boundaries another individual may have. Instead of trying to pry and get tons of information about their personal lives. Respect the fact that you don’t need to know everything and leave it that way. Simply as how their day was, how life is treating them, and if they choose to open up to you respect that. Respect that someone shared a part of their personal life with you. Keep it to yourself and don’t gossip it around town. Show kindness and respect to their trust in you and cherish it each and everyday. Because it is truly a hard thing to obtain.

Being polite when you’re talking with people. You don’t know what type of day they are having or what battles they are fighting. When you approach people in a polite manner it makes the overall experience positive for both of you. Use your please and thank you’s, even sprinkle in a “pardon me” or “what would you prefer” as well.

When you approach the world in a kind manner you are not being a weak individual, but you are actually showing a lot of strength. You are showing the outside world that you have a great deal of confidence and by showing other people respect you will eventually get it in return. But you will only get respect in return if you are sincere with your kind approach and attitude. It is simply something you cannot fake. Eventually you will get found out and it would be pretty for you.

Another positive about being kind is that you can counter almost any type of emotion you are presented with. If someone is yelling and screaming at you and you approach them in a kind manner that exhibits confidence, make sure your sincere too! But when you approach a situation in that manner you will be able to defuse a situation and bring the other person down to a calmer state that you can actually solve the problem instead of having a yelling battle.

Its simple, treat others the way you want to be treated.

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