Keep it simple.

Its interesting. When we get an assignment or a project of sorts we tend lean towards the complex side of things. We over think, plan to have plans for the project, figure out all the touch points, and figure out some grand scheme to convey our message to our audience. We go in-depth with our information and try to explain everything in a scientific manner.

Why not take a step back from stressing yourself out. Instead of doing more work than you need to and getting yourself all worked up focus on what you’re trying to say. What is the purpose of your project or assignment? What do you want to say to your audience? And what do you want them to take away from the presentation.

Keep it simple. Focus directly on how to build a meaningful dialogue with your audience. Keep your message short and to the point. The more detail you present with the more confusion you can add to your message. Keep it simple and direct. Make it very easy for your audience to grasp the topic and have a lasting impression on them.

In order you develop an impressionable simple message you have to think about how do I develop a long-lasting relationship with the audience but also add value to their lives at the same time. It’s tough to answer and sometimes can be a challenge to figure out. But when you are able to answer that question you can begin to build your message. When your building your message keep your vocabulary simple, your signs simple, and your presentation simple in context to the audience you’re presenting to. If you are presenting to your bosses and clients tailor your message to capture their attention and sell them on your proposal. If your presenting to your college class tailor your message to engage your classmates and give them information that they can practically use on a daily basis.

Once your message nice and simple. Building the dialogue is actually pretty easy. You just have to focus on keeping the dialogue stimulated to ensure it has longevity.

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