Doing a lot is good, but is it great?

The real argument here is the age-old argument of quantity versus quality. Some argue quantity over quality anyway while a majority of people will argue that quality always beats quantity. But it all depends how they are used and what they are used for.

Doing a lot of something can get boring, tiring, annoying, or just become miserable. Or it could be the most amazing thing you have ever. If you’re trying to prefect something like sports, culinary skills, exercise(depending on your goals), hobbies, or other things than quantity is great. It helps build your hand-eye coordination, your foot-eye coordination, your reflexes, your motor skills, and can help increase your speed at the task. Quantity is great for making something a habit or a thoughtless process. The goal is to do something so much that it becomes a natural process. Like when you cut an onion you don’t even have to think about it. Or when your kicking a soccer ball during a game its a natural reflex that would be slowed down if you have to think about it. Quantity is something that helps swimmers, because they practice their strokes so much that they become a natural movement. They also develop a “feel” for the water which only happens the more you swim. It’s basically beating on your craft day in and day out until it becomes a part of you.

Quality is a bit different. It is a very educated way of doing things. In a sense you are building an understanding of what you are working towards. When you focus on quality to work you take the speed aspect out and you focus on great results. Like when you read a book, you understand the material in the book and how you can apply it to real life situations. When you practice yoga you are looking for proper poses to ensure you don’t hurt yourself and to help open up your body. You strive to understand everything about it. You take the time to make sure your work is great and consistently improving. When you begin a task to learn you seek a mentor or another type of educational source to help you develop an understanding. Your basically doing something for a certain amount of time with a sense of hyper focus for the task at hand.

Would it make life better to combine the two. Instead of letting these two power forces battle each other let them be friends. Use both of these to your advantage. If you combine the two you will be doing a lot of quality work that can help your learning curve. It can accelerate the time it takes you to learn a task. Instead of just learning it as a habit or natural movement you also understand everything about it. So when you are cutting 100’s and 100’s of onions to perfect your craft, each of your cuts will be a focused quality cut. This will help develop skill and help you achieve your mastery a bit faster.

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