Talk about it.

Give your customers something to talk about.

So you lured these people into your scheme. You sold them some products and earn a lil bit of money from them. So is that it?

No. Give them something to talk about. What value are you adding to their lives. What experiences are you sharing with them. What unique activities are you doing that they have never seen before.

Value is very easy to add. You have to look at what your product or service you are providing. What problem does it solve? And are you able to solve that problem and add some value to that. By value I mean some addition perks that your product provides. Lets say you have a coffee shop. You design an app that goes with your coffee shop and customers are able to order their coffee via the app and it gets made via geofencing. The customers arrives, shows they app receipt and never wait in line. You solved their need for a coffee and added value by not making them waiting in line and giving them a convenient transaction. This little action gives great value and something that a customer will dearly treasure, because they won some time back to devote back to their busy lives.

Sharing experience is a very fun one. You are able to enrich their lives and give them a story to share. If you run a burger store and have video games like a Wii U, PS4, and Xbox, set up around your store. You are going to give the guests a fun time while they are at your establishment. It gives them an experience to talk about. Rather than, sit down, eat, and leave.

What do you do differently from other businesses in your industry. How do you wow your customers. Giving them something different, better, and new is very refreshing for customers.

Work towards giving your customers good things to talk about. If they have great experiences, are happy with your product, and enjoy the unique service, then they are going to do some word of mouth marketing for you.

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