Small victories win big wars!

It’s always best to set goals that are pretty big, so you can push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Its great, but sometimes we make goals that are too big or too elaborate. This can mess with our success of achieving these goals or tasks. So how can we devise a system that will allow us to achieve our goals, but still do it in a manner that is positive and to where we don’t feel like were climbing two Mount Everest to get it done.

Break your goals down to their simplest forms. When you break them down to their simplest forms, get mega specific with the details. When your making your breakdowns specific you are putting a deadline on them and what you want completed by that deadline. By working on these smaller tasks you will be working towards completing your bigger goal. But these smaller simpler tasks will be easier to complete and help give you positive momentum towards completing your bigger goal. This will help make the process a more positive experience and make it easier because you are able to achieve your bigger goal in your desired time frame.

Keep your goals organized and written down. Look at them everyday to remind yourself of what you want to achieve. Keep track of the break down of your goal to ensure you are completing each step properly and efficiently. Sometime you will have a bad week and that is okay. Learn from it and reorganize yourself to ensure you still have some positive momentum during the bad times. When you keep your goals or tasks organized and review them everyday you can reflect on your progress as well. You can see some of the stronger weeks and weaker weeks you had in terms of progress. Reflecting on the progress can also help review your growth. It can let you know if you as a person are making progress and learning a long the way. In most cases with goals, it’s the process that changes us and not the finish line.

If we are able to use the time we put into completing goals as an opportunity to grow and become better, then why not. I mean at the end of the day is your growth and development important to you or the fact that you crossed a goal of your list. The process is what defines us and helps us grow. If we use that time properly and organize it in a manner that helps us develop positive habits that it is well worth it.

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