Take your time!

Last week you wanted to become an amazing painter, this week you want to be a world-class soccer player, and next week your eager to earn riches on wall street. These are all amazing goals, but your just dabbling and wasting your time. It’s great to know a bunch of stuff. Knowing a lot of stuff can make you smart, but understanding stuff can make you a genius.

You too concerned with becoming something now that you won’t actually work for it. You read a few articles, maybe a book or two, maybe even take some classes in college about it, but once you learn the truth. Once you learn the truth about this next big thing, you slowly find out it’s a lot of work to become great, amazing, or a genius in that field. Instead of challenging yourself and sticking to it you dash to the next big thing or flashing interest. Now your on the same path as you were before. You are hopelessly stuck trying this new thing out seeing whats it about and realizing that it is actually work to become good at it. And if you want to become great you have to at least invest 30-40 years of your life. But most people don’t want to do that, because that’s too hard, too boring, too stupid, you’re smarter than that, or there’s something new.

So what do you do.  Well stop and think. Focusing on what makes you happy is great, but there’s little commitment because you’re not willing to work through rough patches, have awkward conversations, confront people, be honest, or you aren’t that passionate. At the first sign of anything not “happy” then you tuck your tail between your legs and run a different direction. Focus on what makes you great. When you focus on what makes you great, eventually, nothing can stop you. You become focused on your task at hand, greatness, and will yourself through drama, controversial conversations, soreness, anger, happiness, basically whatever you have to do get that much closer to your greatness.

You begin to understand and accept that not everything is pretty, not everything is great, and you can’t be happy all the time. Even Ned Flanders from the Simpsons gets mad sometimes. So knowing this you work towards your greatness. At you are working towards greatness, you being to realize that your journey is going to take time. In order to achieve greatness you have to develop a deep passion for your interest and you are eager to learn everything you can that will help you. You read books, begin dating someone who is inspiring towards your goal, go back to school, study mentors, intern places, whatever you have to do to continue your growth within your interest. You slowly transcend from being a beginner, to a genius, and eventually you become a master. All because you put in the countless hours into your craft and know it on an intuitive level. You understand everything about it because you took the time to learn it, you took the time to study it, and you became a master at your craft.

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