Being open can help!

When you go through life with tunnel vision and choose to see things the way you want them, you’re going to be in for a bad time. Being close minded with a selfish view can hinder our resolve with many situations we face on a daily basis. We go through  life with a very subjective view based on the script when have developed during our earlier years of life. This subjective point of view can be very hindering or helpful depending on the individual and the environment you grew up in.

Taking a step back sometimes can help us see the whole picture. This process can help us see the facts and gain a better perspective to what is happening. We are able to have a better understanding to what is going on in the situation and hopefully are able to solve it in a positive fashion. When we begin to remove our subjective view on a consistent basis we slowly change our mentality. We consistently look at the bigger picture during situations and have happier outcomes. We aren’t worried about protecting our ego’s or only accepting things how we want them, but we are able to actually experience new things and learn.

When we begin to let go of the subjective self and shift our focus to a move worldly view we are able to have an open mind. An open mind is a wonderful thing to live with. It allows you to accept others for who they are. Even if you don’t like the other person, because they aren’t particularly nice. You are able to accept them for who they are and move on. You don’t have to spend excess amounts of time arguing with the person or trying to change them. You simply move on, because you understand that you do not have the power to change them. Knowing this allows you to accept that scenario and continue your life towards happiness rather than being caught up in silly arguments.

Opening our minds also lets us experience many new things. Cultures, beliefs, and places. When you put all the negative things you have learned throughout your life aside it allows you to enjoy what other things have to offer. You are able to experience first hand new cultures, because you visited them, you were able to see how mediation works because you did it with them. Basically it allows you to grow.

Having an open mind allows you to focus on whats important rather than getting focused on the little problems in life that waste our time and have little meaning in your future.

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