Add these to your diet!

Kale yeah! Is getting a bit old and its time to diversify your nutritional palate. The heavy hitters below provide your both with a wealth of nutrients and can tastes good too!


No not that cheap milk chocolate that you eat to please your sweet tooth. I am talking about the good stuff, raw chocolate. Like raw cacao, the dried beans from the cacao tree. These bad boys pack some serious power when it comes to helping your diet and body.

Cacao contains a high amount of minerals, lots of antioxidants, a decent amount of fiber, and some fatty acids. Okay a bunch of fancy words we see all over super markets, what does it actually do for your body?

Well, all these beneficial things that chocolate has in it can help with heart disease, give you an energy boost, help improve your mood, can also prevent premature aging, helps with hair, nails, takes care of your liver and pancreas, and may even be able to lower your blood sugar naturally. Cacao can even help with insulin resistance and sensitivity and help with cognitive function.

So, pop a tablespoon into your morning cereal, add a little bit to your smoothie, or just eat the beans raw. You could always try a dieting technique, add a teaspoon of raw cacao powder to a cup of warm milk, stir it together, and enjoy it about 20 minutes before each meal.

ginkgo biloba

People have been taking this stuff for thousands of years, so why aren’t you? Ginkgo is simply amazing. It is basically a tune-up for your circulatory system, it enhances your ability to use oxygen, can help with retinal damage and eye sight, contains a bunch of antioxidant, helps with impotency, and helps with mental function.

Great, so how do you take it? Well you can buy pills and take them as directed or even go drink it as a tea. Personally I prefer the tea, with a bit of honey and lemon is a great way to start the day.


This guy only does a few things for the body, but it helps build a strong foundation. Horsetail is packed with a high amount of silica. We are able to digest the silica and use it to repair the bony tissues in our bodies.

Taking horsetail over longer periods of time can help you build a strong bones, but allowing the silica to fix the calcium so that the body can begin to store more of it. Which leads to the body repair the collagen and bones in your body. Basically stronger bones and firmer skin, not bad for a herb that grows like a weed.

Horsetail herb is also used to heal wounds, sooth the inflammation of the urinary tract, helps with dental problems, strengthen hair and nails.

You can takes this as a supplement, drink it as a tea (my favorite), or add it to your smoothies.


It stains everything yellow, its related to ginger, and its dirt cheap… So why aren’t you using it? Turmeric is just a wealth of nutrients that comes from a dry root. People of India have used it for 1000’s of years for medicine and as a spice.

Okay great, but what does it actually do for you? You ready for the long list… Its a..

  • natural anti-inflammatory
  • increases the antioxidant capacity of the body
  • may prevent cancer
  • can help with alzheimer’s disease
  • helps to battle depression
  • helps delay aging
  • can be used to treat arthritis
  • helps lower the risk of heart disease
  • helps improve brain function
  • helps with gastrointestinal problems
  • helps regulate cholesterol

Just go ahead, try it out for 30 days.. see what changes! Add it to your home cooked meals, smoothies, make a warm night time milk with it. To give turmeric a boost, add a small pinch of black pepper. The oil from the peppers allows our bodies to better digest the turmeric.

gotu kola

In the world of Ayruvedic medicine, Gotu Kola is considered one of the most rejuvenating herbs that grows in nature. It was discovered by people seeing elephants eat the herb and linked it with their long lives. They began to use the herb to make teas, ointments, powders, or creams.

Drinking a Gotu Kola tea is the better way to get a lot of its benefits, but it is not the only way. You can take capsules or grow it and eat it fresh with salads or in smoothies.

Gotu Kola does a number of amazing things for the body. It promotes wound healing, reduces anxiety, has strong antioxidants, boosts the central nervous system, improves the circulatory system, repairs skin, and protects the veins and arteries. All that from a little plant.

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