Laughing is exercise too!

Being happy is just awesome, laughing is even better.

Being able to tune out the negative forces in the world and begin to accept things the way they are is a step towards achieving happiness.

Accepting people as they are is another way towards happiness. When you take a step back and stop trying to control people and just accept them as they are, life becomes easier. Once you accept people for who they are and they are still negative, well it’s not worth keeping them around. Focus on your happiness and not their complaining or general negative outlook about everything.

Start living a life that is devoted towards you. Yes, you. When you begin to focus on what makes you happy and what keeps you happy you begin to develop a mentality that generates happiness.

See the fun in life and experience joy for once, stop being a dread monster and allowing others or situations to control what you do or think. Its time to stand up for yourself and live for you.

When you focus on your happiness and work towards it everyday, life gets better naturally. Its gets better by you sharing your happiness with the world. This will start to change the way people approach you and talk to you. This causes better interactions with people and intern causes you more happiness because everything around you becomes very happy.

When you’re at a 100% you are able to spread lots of joy and happiness to others and help them achieve their goals of happiness as well.

So yeah happiness is great, but laughter is what we are really after now.

When you begin to really become happy, you begin to joy a lot  more of the small things in life. You begin to enjoy what you have. You begin to let your true self show and you’re a bit more goofy that normal. Thats okay because when you are in a positive mind-set and your on this path to getting health, it kind of helps you. When your positive and happy you have more energy, more determination, more focus, and more compassion. But why though? Well you begin to enjoy the small victories you make on a daily basis rather that looking for purely large gains or expecting others to fill that void for you.

Stay happy, stay focused! Enjoy the small stuff.

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