Negative thoughts!

While at work one day you are asked to do a tad more than usual. Someone was sick and you’re the  one caught with the extra work. It’s already been a long day and your ready to leave and go home. Then your boss drops this on you in the last-minute of course. You mull through the work, but the entire time you are cussing out the world. Negative thoughts are streaming through your head like a bullet train traveling full speed.

These negative thoughts slowly creep on your attitude and turn you into a sour puss. You start to get annoyed with people’s breathing, the way people talk, basically your mega irritated at EVERYTHING. No one is helping you and it just gets more miserable. You notice other coworkers leave for lunch while your stuck doing this extra work. Now the negative hits you like a wave made when a fat dude jumps into the swimming pool. You’re red from ear to ear and doing your extra work. These negative thoughts and attitude start effecting your regular work and put a mega cramp in your style.

Negative thoughts are a cancer we have to deal with on a daily basis. The plague our lives in a manner to haunt us and change our mood at the drop of a dime. With the power of our over thinking mixed with some negative thoughts it can be a bad time. But where do these negative thoughts come from? Isn’t the goal in life to be happy and enjoy it?

Negative thoughts can come from our insecurities and our scripting (how we were raised). If we are very insecure we tend to stick with the lower emotions in life such as fear, anger, jealousy, and things like that. We let these emotions absorb us and keep us in the gutter. We keep our minds in this negative land while we day-dream and begin to create these wild scenarios that people are after you, someone is cheating on you, people are talking behind your back, and all kinds of stuff.

The worst kind of negative thoughts are the ones were we put ourselves down. We tell ourselves we can’t do something or that person would never go out with us. Over time this negative talk can demoralize our self-esteem and cause us to develop extreme insecurities. It can affect our relationships, our growth, and personality. It’s a disastrous road if you choose to listen to your negative thoughts all the time.

Believe in yourself. Stop listening to that negative banter all the time. Its your life and not anyone else’s. If you get upset when other people put you down then why don’t you get upset when you put yourself down. Stand up for yourself. Pay attention to your negative thoughts and emotions. Pay attention to how they affect your day, your work, your relationships. Now take the chance to make a decision to change for the better. Shut the negative thoughts up and focus on intentions on positive reinforcement. Instead of being a negative Nancy, build yourself up. Encourage yourself to do new things, strengthen your relationships, and continue your growth. Become an amazing person instead of one that is controlled by some negative thoughts. Enjoy your life, be a product of your prize and not your circumstance.

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