What have you done to grow?

In the past 30 days, what have you done towards your personal growth?

Are you reading books or sitting on the couch? Are you at the gym actually exercising or are you just talking to people? Are you going out on a Friday night or are you using that time to learn something new?

It’s funny how the sea saw of life works. A lot of us have giant aspirations of what we want to accomplish. We allow outside forces to influence our personal growth. We wait for the moment to come to us or the opportunity to present itself before we start a project. And worst of all the procrastination monster wins again and we push it off until tomorrow.

Most people don’t actually spend the time for personal growth. I mean sure reading a book can be boring at times. There are several times that I have fallen asleep reading a book. By always pushing our growth off until tomorrow it will never happen. You will live in a world of fake talk. You will tell all our friends that life is great, you’re crushing” it, and your onto something big. But does any of that stuff actually happen?

Stop that process. Stop procrastinating on yourself. You will only be filled with regret and anger by the end of your days. Educate yourself now, build a foundation of success, and live a life worth living. Doing something today and not tomorrow. Put your phone on silent and read a book. If they are your real friends they will understand, but fake friends may disown you for your choices. Start a new hobby on the weekends and stop spending time in the clubs. Spend time on yourself.

Cut out the distractions in life and focus on yourself. Makes some serious plans to work on your personal growth over the next couple of weeks. Actually do it and stop wasting time.

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