Live today, stop waiting for tomorrow!

One of the most important things in life is time. If we misuse time it will never come back, it can’t be replaced, and sometimes we take it for granted. We slowly begin to realize the importance of time when we done have it. As we are scrabbling in the last moment to complete a giant project for work and we are filled with regret because we took our time for granted instead of working on the project. Maybe someone is on their death bed or passed away, you focus more on the opportunities where you had time to spend with them. Instead  of making it quality time you fought with them about something. Then we can even misuse time in a sense by worrying about the past. This can also happen if we spend our time fantasizing about the future.

Living in the past. Get over it already. When you keep your head stuck on past events you tend to slow down your personal growth drastically. You get hung up on these events that happened years ago and never truly let them go. These missed opportunities, events, or things can plague you for a long time. They will more than likely fill you with regret, anger, fear, hate, and yeah some negative thoughts. But why would you let something from so long ago affect you so greatly now? It makes no sense. Let the past be the past. Keep it there. Use the lessons that you learned from your mistakes to make today better. Enrich your life with the experience, the memories, and life lessons, but leave the garbage in the trash.

If we ever figure it out living on a cloud might be fun, but it won’t keep you focused on whats in front of you. Day dreaming about guys, girls, cars, houses, dream jobs, dream vacations, or wild scenarios is great, but not to effective. Sometime you have to get your head out of the clouds and get your feet back on earth. Having dreams and dreaming big is great, because it can give you a direction in life. If your dream is to become a happy person that is successful and changes the world, then it gives you a direction to work towards. Using your dream as a reference or compass to have a direction in life works too. If we don’t dream big then why were we given the gift of imagination. The key is to use it in moderation. Don’t spend all your time fantasizing about what could be and not do any work to make it happen.

When you finally leave the past behind and take the memories, experiences, and life lessons you can use that as a great foundation to live today. Like live in the moment of right now, because that is all we really have. Past is a memory and the future is an idea, so the now is the only place you can live. When you focus your efforts on the now and make the most of it. Like put a 110% into it, you will have a lot of amazing memories to remember and hopefully have the future you dreamed about. Putting your energy into the present moment will allow you to build stronger relationships, because your not taking them for granted but your actually vested in them. Also you will perform better at work or in the gym, because your actually there working in the moment rather than simply going through the motions.

For what its worth, enjoy the present moment to ensure you have an amazing past and a bright future.

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