Growing vs. Goals

After reading a few books I learned a power lesson. Goals are limits and growth has unlimited potential. We are taught to primarily focus on goal setting. To have one, five, and ten year goals of where we want to be in our lives. We make these goals, write out general versions of them, and then rewrite them with an in depth analysis of how we are going to achieve them. We have a daily, weekly, monthly, and maybe even quarterly plans written out of how we are going to work towards our goals. We diligently work towards achieving our goals and as we complete them we cross them off the list and move onto the next one. This is fantastic but very limiting, because we only focus on completing that one goal. Once its complete is done with and forgotten about. then you simply move onto the next one to complete the cycle. This can be very limiting because you never really step outside the lines of your goal. You work towards achieving it, but never really learn more than that.

Don’t get me wrong goals are great and its a good starting point. It helps get you on track if you have bad habits or if your are starting out with personal growth. When you begin to grow more and have achieved a number of goals its time to graduate and move onto growth.

How does growth work? Well what are your passions, hobbies, how are your relationships, what kind of career do you have, or what are your weakness’? When begin to analyze your life a bit more in-depth you will see some areas that need work. Some thing that you have missed a long the way, you have an urge to learn, or something new that you want to learn. For the best results with growth you have to focus on your personal growth and not solely on lets say your career, your relationships, or something else.

“A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle” – Buddha

When you decide to work on your personal growth and leave the goal setting to other people, you quickly begin to out work, out smart, and achieve more that most people can imagine. While people are limited to the parameters of their goal you have no boundaries. You are able to freely grow positively and continue, because you will always ask what is next? When you choose growth you can improve the way you think by studying social behaviors, psychology, evolution, biology, neuroscience, nutrition, and others. With growth you begin to develop an understanding about things, how they work, why they work, and what is not working. You are able to use your in-depth knowledge to change your life and eventually use your knowledge and experience to help others.

Nothing is perfect in life and there are times where you may get derailed on your path towards personal growth. Maybe a family event, personal tragedy, or a professional situation will cause you to shift your focus for a time. The most important thing is to keep your focus on your personal growth, begin to understand how you feel, what you think, and how you respond to these types of situations in your life. If you are truly growth orientated these events will never be set backs, but moments of learning and growth. You can use these events as lessons. You can learn how others react in these situations, how others communicate, how they feel, and what caused their reactions. You will also learn that at times changing yourself will have a great impact on the situation that forcing or asking someone else to change.

When you stay growth orientated you will use every moment of every second to continue your path to betterment. With a growth mentality you are never really done. You always crave the next lesson. But not in a sense that you ruin relationships or your career, but how to make them better.

Some of the books that helped me come upon this realization are

The 15 Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Third Circle Theory

The Way of the Navy Seal by Mark Divine

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Art of Strategy by Dixit NaleBuff

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