A journey through a career.

Life is filled with lots of advice. From parents, to friends, social groups, siblings, mentors, companies, accountants, and yourself. There are many more, but thats just to get an idea. Most of these places with give you in the moment advice, but won’t tell you were to start. Like how to start a great career. Most of them start explaining this towards the end or even after college. They promote ideals that they believe will help you be successful. In a sense they self impose themselves onto you. Is that bad, no. But it may not be what your looking for.

So lets start at the beginning.

Following your dreams. Its funny how life moulds us and changes our dreams. Only few of us are brave enough to resist the temptation of advice. (Advice isn’t bad, you just have to realize that it is what that person would do if they were in your shoes.) If we endure and follow our dreams, we live a life that has meaning and is filled with happiness. If we follow advice blindly we could end up stuck in something that won’t satisfy us.

So, follow your dreams. If you want to change the world, you can’t do it sitting behind a desk crunching numbers. You have to be on the front lines creating innovative ideas that invoke change and bring out enlightenment. Doing these things is possible, if you are happy.

What is your dream? Is it being an amazing manager, a great parent, a financial guru, a futurist, or a entrepreneur. Whatever your dream happens to be, you have to work on it everyday. Work towards your dream with a burning passion of sorts. You have to work passionately to become a master at your dream and allow your inner light to shine. By being focused on what makes you happy, will help you become a master at your art and it will inspire change within the world around you. You could impact a lot of people or very little, but you still changed the world.

So at the start of your journey figure out what your dream is and work towards what makes you happy.

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