Focus on you, so you can help make the world better!

Focusing on the outside world can be great. It can help build life long relationships, amazing careers, but can leave us empty on the inside. If we balance the two inside and outside growth we can build better relationships, better careers, and still be whole on the inside. Deep down we have things that we want to accomplish as individuals. At times we can bury those ambitions, desires, or goals for the greater good. It may be okay at the moment, but in the long run you will have an outburst. This outburst could be a mid-life crisis or radical change of lifestyle almost overnight. If you start working on your personal ambitions now you can quench that outburst later in life, because you have grown and developed into the person you wanted to become. You became a product of your prize and not your circumstance.

How do we grow personally? There are many different ways, some better than others. But for the most part each is unique to the individual. Since there are more than 7 billion of us on the planet, each one of us grows differently than others. The important thing is to figure out which has a great impact on your learning and personal growth.


Books are a phenomenal way to grow. They offer tons of wisdom and knowledge that can help change how you think. They can help you achieve efficiency in your life, teach you a new life skill, or help you resolve problems that have been plaguing you for some time. You can read fiction books, but nonfiction books can help escalate your rate of learning. Personal growth books, biographies, and educational books are best. Read books can be even more efficient if you read ones that correlate with your interests. This helps expedite the learning process because your actually are interested in what your learning about rather than it being a forced activity.


Traveling is amazing. Seeing new things, places, and meeting new people can have a great impact on your personal growth. Being exposed to different cultures and lifestyles can help you optimize what you may have missed and change your life for the better. Maybe you learn how to cook in Italy, how efficient Sweden is at recycling, how people in Africa celebrate death, all these things can help you expand your train of thought. But those are just a few cultures that our world has to offer. When you travel you have the ability to enrich your life with experience and share those experiences with others to promote growth within them as well.


A mentor or a coach are great for your personal growth. It’s best to find a mentor a coach that can help you in your area of interest. When you are able to tap into another persons vast experience and knowledge it helps expedite the learning process. You quickly gain first hand knowledge of what you actually need to know and what is important for your growth in that particular area. They give you in-depth and usually honest feedback about your progress, where you start with your growth, and how you can change to become better. Finding a good mentor is tough. They can be rare and are sometimes not willing to take an apprentice.


If you want to get better, one great way of doing that is to get new hobbies. Like stuff you have never done before. This forces you into a world you know nothing about which forces you to grow. It helps you develop good research skills, helps with your learning curve, and you learn something new. If you continue to do this hobby for some time it you can eventually master it and maybe even turn it into another source of income. Or you could teach others the hobby.


Good habits or bad habits, both are game changers. If you have bad habits that keep you from personal growth, its time to change those. Reading the book The Power of Habit can help you gain an understanding about habits, how to change them, and turn them into positive ones. Developing new habits can be fun and exciting. It can be tough, because you have to break old habits and that will take time, but if you have will power and you are determined to focus on your growth you will be able to grow out of those bad habits and from good ones that will benefit you later on in life.


Challenges can be great for growth as well. It can really test your passion, willpower, and character, that you have towards your growth. Doing something like a reading challenge or 300 push-ups a day challenge can really let you know how dedicated you are to your personal growth. If it is something important to you than a personal challenge can be a great way to test your commitment.


Meditating can be a great game changer. It will allow you to become a bit more spiritual, but also help quiet a bunch of the over thinking you do on a daily basis. This can help you in the long run focus on tasks you are working on, but also help develop a deeper connection with yourself. It is a great way to calm yourself, your mind, and become a more compassionate individual. This one is my personal favorite for personal growth. When starting to mediate there are many different points of view on the topic, so I used yoga and reading to get me started. Mindful Work is one of the books I read that gave me great insight about meditate and its benefits.

Personal growth is pretty important. It can help make you and your environment stronger. In the long run it can change your life radically, but that only works if you make time for it and practice it everyday. Without dedication towards your personal growth it will never happen. Pick the vehicle or vehicles that work best for you and start today.

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