Be you

We spend out lives trying to fit in. Trying to find a place that accepts us for who we are. Sometimes we make the mistake of changing ourselves to fit in. To be accepted by these other people or groups we change our morals, character, and even personalities. It becomes so important to please these other people that your life changes.

All your activities become orientated towards being accepted that you slowly lose yourself. You change the way you eat, sleep, what clothes you wear, what you say, your career, your relationships, your family, your friends, just to be accepted. Accepted by what though. Someone else option of what is cool? What is cool though? Doesn’t it have a different meaning for everyone on the planet. So you go out of your way to do what someone else thinks is cool. Isn’t that kind of defeating the point. I mean aren’t you suppose to be you.

You are an amazing human being. You are strong, smart, and very talented. Most importantly you are unique. Yes you are very special, you see there is only one of you on the planet. Since there is only one of you, shouldn’t you use that to your advantage. Like you can show the world how amazing and unique you really are. But first you have to stop this weird game of trying to be accepted by other people. If you have to change who you are in order to be accepted by other people, they are probably not your real friends.

Real friends, lovers, coworkers, and family will accept you for who you are. They will accept your unique talents, character, and embrace you with open arms. You shouldn’t have to change what makes you.

When you finally accept that you are an amazingly awesome talented unique person you can begin your path to true happiness. Because you don’t have to hide what  makes you happy or sad, you can just focus on being you and enjoying whats in front of you. When you express yourself, your unique talents, and share those gifts with the world the right people will start to come into your life. Naturally the wrong ones will slowly fade out. The right people will be attracted to your uniqueness and encourage your positive growth and success’.

You have to remember that everyone is very weird, but most of us are afraid to express it in fear of rejection. We all have these worlds that only we know about and rarely tell other people about. But that shouldn’t be the case, we could always share our quirky sides, tell some embarrassing stories, and just laugh. Laugh about being goofy, lame, and weird.

So we are all weird, goofy, and try to hide it from the world. And then we try to make it seem like we aren’t and work our way into these groups that act like they are perfect. Why not just say the heck with it, be goofy, have fun, and enjoy your life.

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