Part 2, Your dream is an amazing career

So you put your foot in the ground and made a choice. No more pleasing other people. No more trying to impress others. It’s your time to shine. You kick the door of your prison down and walk out into the world ready to take action. Ready to pursue your dream and enjoy your life.

In the beginning it will be hard. It will be hard to change how you think, how you reach to your new environment, but change is good. Change is great. And change will lead to happiness. Doing the same ole “safe” thing just to earn a paycheck is worthless. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone has bills, but is everyone happy?

If you take action and start today. Start working on your dream, become obsessed by it. Work to master it. Master the thing you dream about. If you want to be a financial wizard or painter, its all the same. If you are passionate about your craft and stick with it, you will become a master.

You will only achieve mastery if you stick with it. Simply walking away when the waters get rough or the first person criticizes you. Won’t get you there. It will only leave you filled with regret, because you left happiness behind. You gave up on yourself and that is the worst thing you can do. At the end of the day what matters most is what you see in the mirror and are you happy with what you see. Honestly.

So… considering all of that you work towards you dream. Everyday staying relentless with your efforts to learn, to become better, and explore opportunities of growth. This is the starting point of a great career. This is a mentality that will help you change the world. It will let you impact people in a positive way.

Now comes the most important part. Write it down and read it everyday. Before you go to bed, when your eating lunch, and before bedtime. Remind yourself of whats important and keep your eye on the prize. Stick with your desire to become something amazing. Don’t end up like the rest of society. Maxed out debt, endless job, living paycheck to paycheck, and trading their time for objects..

Did you write it down?

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