Part 3, starting your dream career

You committed to your dream and are focused on it. You have it written down and review it on a daily basis to remind yourself what your working towards. Now it’s time to get started.

Ah the dreaded starting line. It is the hardest step to take when you being to move in a different direction. Take the plunge and being to immerse yourself in it. If your goal is to become a financial wizard. Start reading books. Learn the language of the finance world. Understand how things are organized and work.

It’s best to start with the basics and build as strong foundation in the beginning. It is a waste of time to begin with the complicated stuff. You will have very little understanding of the situation and eventually get fed up and quit. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Learn the basics first, its the most important part. Take your time and be patient. Be patient with your learning. Great things take time. You can’t become the next Gordon Gecko by tomorrow. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If it was, I would like to meet the architects and builds.

Anyways. Go to the library, buy used books, whatever you have to do to get material to read about your passion. Study it learn it and  dive into it. You can also watch free online classes from Yale or other universities. Watch youtube videos, intern at a brokerage firm, read the wall street journal. Just start. Start educating yourself about what your getting into. If you read a book or two and realize it might not be what you thought, then you still have time to change. If you don’t and get yourself enrolled in college and classes. Well your stuck with a larger bill. $4.00’s for a book or $1,000.00 for a class you don’t like?

If you read those books or watch a free class and love it. Boom, keep going. Keep reading, keep watching different classes, and look at colleges/universities that offer the classes and degree you are looking for.

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