try it, you just might like it.

Are you looking for growth and development? Doing the same ol’ routine everyday isn’t going to get you there. I mean, it works, its safe, but you’re only to get better doing the same thing every day. Think about it. You wake up in the morning for work then you get ready for work, head off to work, go to the gym after work and then come home and go to bed. Sure you look to expand and grow, but maybe only within those constraints. It can be very limiting after a while.

There is only so much that you can learn about your job before you know everything. You can master the daily activities, the big projects, help your advancement within that career. But what new things are you learning. Like what life skills. It’s great to put your career first and focus on developing your skills within it, but it can be very limiting after a time. If you change your perspective and focus on developing your life you can help your career as well. If you only focus on your career in terms of growth you will limit yourself to only the information and knowledge that career has to offer. If you focus on your life, in terms of growth, you can grow exponentially within your career. You can learn new skills that will expand the way you think about your career. These new skills can help you solve work related problems in a more efficient and cheaper manner. Because you begin to cross utilize your new skills and old work related skills.

The gym is an interesting and dynamic environment to be in. A lot of people know whats best and what works. Or what supplements work and which ones done. Or maybe even what diets are good and which ones aren’t. That’s great and wonderful, but after sometime you will know all the knowledge that your gym has to offer. If you limit yourself to that then it could hinder your growth and development within the gym. Why not expand your exercise or your nutrition knowledge by learning about other disciplines. You don’t have to become a cross fitter or a hardcore raw vegan. But sometimes you will learn something that will help you later when your being to plateau in the gym. Maybe is technique or a certain exercise that could help you with your physical gains. With your nutrition game it could be the foods they eat or superfoods that use as multivitamins. When you are able to open your mind to new trains of thought and bring that information into your routine it can have a huge impact on them.

Heck if your relationship has lost its spark or is about to you can still bring it back by changing your approach. Maybe you got use to the daily routine and began to take the relationship for granted and didn’t invest time or energy into it. This can be deterring for the other person if they are constantly putting in energy everyday. If you want to bring back that honeymoon phase of your relationship you can’t continue to do the same stuff as you were before. Read a few books, read a bunch of articles online, look at how other successful relationships work, learn how to cook, mainly just open your mind and try new things.

When you try new things and break your normal routine or normal activities it can feel weird at first, but in time you will see the benefit. You can’t actually grow unless you step outside of your comfort zone and when you do the results can be quite amazing. When you take the first step to the outside of your comfort zone you are going to feel very nervous, uncomfortable, and may even resent your activity. But if what you’re doing is something positive that will help you grow and become a better person, keep going. Your goal is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This can greatly help you life, career, health, and relationships. Because your doing something new and exciting the other things will follow suit.

Be crazy and explore things you don’t know, heck you might learn something and make your life better.

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