Part 4, are you focused

So you read a couple of books and watched an online class. You’re hooked.

You decide I need more, I want more, this is it. First a college or university that can help you build the ground foundation of your direction. College’s and universities are great for building the foundations and developing the simple parts of a career path. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door, but it would make you a master. Sad thing, in today’s society it is a standard to have a degree to validate your education. Or you could just create a business and prove them wrong. Your choice.

Anyways, if you choose college or non-college path. Build a foundation first. It’s key to develop a basic understanding first and this can take sometime. It can take some time to truly understand some of the concepts that come with your topic. It can take time to be able to apply or even teach others about your knowledge of the subject.

How long will it take for you to build a foundation? Thats up to you. How dedicated are you? How focused are you? Are you spending your time partying and talking about it? In order to achieve a goal like this you have to make some sacrifices. You have to say no a couple of times and stay at home and read. So, it could take forever or a short period of time. It all depends on how dedicated you are.

The faster you build your foundation, the faster you can move to more advanced information. Sticked with it, keep going, and achieve your dream.

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