Tell the truth, gain a friend or lose one.

Something goes wrong and you tell something some crazy excuse about how you did everything you could. You phrase it in a manner that makes you seem like a holy crusader who just slaughtered the demons of hell to protect an innocent child. You continuously boast your valorous acts and exemplify your deeds to ensure the accident that just happened does not tarnish your ever pristine reputation. Or that you did all you could and you throw other people under the bus, to ensure your reputation doesn’t tarnish. You continually use these tactics throughout your life and boast your heroic deeds over and over again.

Why lie to boost your ego. What does it solve? Nothing. What long-term benefits does it have? None. It looks great in the moment and makes you look like you did everything you could to help, but it just wasn’t enough. Eventually your friends, loved ones, co-workers, and family members will catch on. People aren’t stupid and in time lie’s will reveal themselves. This will expose all the things and situations you lied about and make you look like a complete idiot.

You could even be in a relationship with someone, whether it’s a friend, family member, or lover, and not truly express your true feelings. You feel as you are protecting them by not being honest. That in some manner you are keeping this dead relationship alive with a fake smile to make it seem like things are just great. But in time it begins to eat at you. With you continuously repressing your feelings it will cause a nasty outburst that can damage or ruin that relationship. Its like shaking a two liter of soda and opening it.

In your mind it may seem like a nice thing you’re doing by being nice to the person or whatever. But feeding yourself and that person a lie is not the key to building strong relationships with people. Either the person will figure out what is going on or you won’t be able to keep the fake act up anymore. When this happens some issues are going to come up. A fight will ensue and a lot of past events will be used a reference and fighting points. It will be an ego bashing to one of the two people why the other one was nice to the other and “put up with them”.

You have one life, why waste it? Why waste it being fake? Just be honest and up front with people. It is a very tough habit to build, especially if you’re not good at speaking your mind or if you’re an introvert. It may also be tough if your not a fan of offending people. These are all understandable points, but if you don’t spit it out and tell them whats going on it will just lead to misery.

Tell the truth, gain a friend, or lose one. Some people may not like your honesty at first, they may resent you, but in time they will respect you. It’s tough for someone to handle the truth. Like taking responsibility for something you messed up. At first, It is hard to say “I fucked up”, “I made a mistake”, and “I am sorry”. When you make this a habit when you make a mistake and sincerely apologize for your mistake….it’s well, very relieving. Its like having a weight lifted off your shoulders. You don’t have to remember some grand lie, you don’t have to beat them around the bush with excuses, and it saves time. Being honest in relationships can be great or offensive. Your partner, family member, co-worker, or friend may enjoy your honesty and respect you. It will strengthen your relationship. Or some people will think your offensive, insensitive, and rude, because you told them what you actually thought. You know the truth. Some people can’t handle when they are told the truth and it isn’t what they wanted to hear. With these kinds of people being honest can lead to fighting, arguments, and can waste time. It may just be better to get these people out of your life. If your going to take the time to be honest with them and all they do is fight you about it, maybe its time to change that. Lose the person, keep being honest to the world, and enjoy your life.

Accept responsibility, be honest, and enjoy life.

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