Just pick up the phone already!

It seems like our way of communicating is becoming more and more simplistic everyday. At first we would have conversations in person. You know you would actually walk up to someone and ask them out on a date, you would talk about sports, or whatever the two you shared in common. But you talked in person, face to face, and shared a relationship building experience. Whether the conversation was good or bad you had a clear understanding about the other persons emotions, mood, and what they were upset about. You learned more about other people during these positive or negative interactions.

Phones were invented and slowly things changed. We were able to talk with people who were long distances away. Amazing, talking to relatives, loved ones, or friends who had moved to other cities was no easy. It was a great way to stay connected and stay up to date with the latest and greatest in their lives. You could reminisce about good times, talk about future plans, sports, clothes, relationships, basically anything you wanted to talk about. It wasn’t as great as a face to face conversation, but you were able to talk to the person in realtime. When cellphones arrived it expanded our possibilities when it came to making phone calls. You no longer had to be at your house in order to talk on the phone.

With the evolution of phones, were able to text and send short messages. This was great for sending a quick message. Soon it developed into having whole conversations via text message. People argue through text messages, try to solve problems, and it doesn’t work. I am not too sure what kind of understanding you can develop when someone is writing you a text message about what they are upset about. Most people display their emotions with body and facial expression. The tone of their voice also has a great impact on their message. A text message just doesn’t cut it in this department. Plus, some people will play the ignore game and just won’t respond to your text message.

Then came the internet and gave us AOL instant messenger, MySpace, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and many more. All of these are vehicles for connections. Some are older than others, but they were very popular during their time. It gives you the ability to connect with others around the world 24/7. Once you post something, its out there for everyone to see. It’s amazing to use these to stay in connect with friends and families who are overseas. It’s a great way to share pictures with loves ones through these sites. They are also great because you can post something and connect with multiple people at once. They in a sense have helped simplify they way we communicate.

Why can’t we bring back face to face conversations, at the very least phone calls or FaceTime. I have nothing wrong with the way technology is moving. I actually benefit from them because I have friends and family who live far away. I am just saying if you have a chance, talk to someone in person or give them a call. They will greatly appreciate it and it will strengthen your relationship with them. Take a chance, stop texting your family and friends emojis and give them a call. Talk to them, ask them how their day is going, and how life is treating them. They will enjoy your effort to communicate and will cherish the moment.

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