Build your life, don’t destroy it.

“Yeah right, you’ll never do that”

“You’re not talented enough to do that”

“You’re not smart enough”

Negative cut downs hurt. They aren’t very appealing to you, but sometimes you take them to heart. When these opinions come at you like barrage of bullets you begin to break. In time you believe them. You begin to except your fate that you’re not good enough to do that job. That you aren’t smart enough. Or sadly that you aren’t talented enough to do something. It begins to manifest inside your mind and in time it can become part of your personality. This limited mentality can even shape your future. A future of mediocrity.

If you let them, over time, these statements that come from other people can start to build walls around your possibilities in life. They will change the way you view the world. Instead of embracing change, being adventurous, and challenging yourself, you slowly become complacent with this reality. This reality is controlled by the outside world. It is controlled by people you work with, family members, friends, enemies, and sometimes people you don’t even know.

Most of the people who may be giving you those negative remarks about your life, your possibilities, and your future, are people you trusted. When you let what someone else says to you mean more to you than what you think of yourself. You are telling yourself that, what someone else thinks of me is more important that what I think of myself. This is a horrible mistake. You are amazing, wonderful, fantastic, and should treat yourself as such. You should never let someone else words discourage you from doing anything.

It is your life and you are the creator. You have the power to create your experience in this world. The outside world will always be the same, but you can change your view on it. You can either let people say a ton of negative and condescending things to you, you believe them, and life a very limited normal life. Or you can let people say a ton of negative and condescending things to you, you accept their point of view, thank them for their point of view, and continue to work towards your personal growth and success. You can change the way you look at people’s opinions and how they affect your life.

When people give you advice it is usually a highly subjective thought. The person gives you advice based on what they feel is right for you according to their moral code, how they would handle that situation themselves, or their experiences from their personal lives. I am not saying that all advice is bad and you shouldn’t listen to it. All I am saying is think about what they are saying and take into account what they are trying to help you with. Advice should be encouraging or help you see the bigger picture, it should not be negative.

Remember you have the power to create your experience in this world. You are amazing, talented, powerful, and one of a kind. If you want to do something go out and do it. Just make sure you stay determined, focused, and work towards your personal growth.

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