Part 5, growing where others don’t

Your focused and working towards your dream and goals. You decided college would be a great place to start and get some entry level classes under your belt.

Do not be satisfied with the information you get there. Most of they entry level classes are designed to give you an introduction to whatever subject you are taking. Be proactive, assertive, or aggressive with your learning. Start by going to the library.

Get all the books you can find that interest you on the subject and read. Gain additional information on the subject. Stay hungry in your quest for knowledge. While other people are partying and having a great time. You are studying and advancing your knowledge on your passion.

Whats more important to you? Being in the lime light, getting wasted and being hungover the next day or your dream? It will take time to figure out what is more important that you. Think about it this way, while you are partying and having a great time someone out there is working hard to take your dream from you. Yes, there are other people in the world and some of them just as passionate as you.

Look at it this way. When you graduate college with a 4.0 GPA and theres a 100 other people that graduate with a 4.0 GPA in your subject, how do you stand out? What makes you special from that crowd? When you apply for a job to gain experience. What will make that company interested in you. What makes you unique, or different, or better than everyone else. So, if you spent your free time studying and working on your passions. You read a lot of material on the subject, you spent your time interning at various companies for experience, you worked with like minded students on start-up ideas, or you wrote a blog or ebook about your passion.

Stay focused on your goals and your passions. Work towards them every day. Work towards them with a chip on your shoulder. If you let little things get to you then you will be part of the 100 students looking for the same position. Be the 1 candidate that is just phenomenal. That your experience and passion speak for itself.

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