Don’t waste your time with problems, look for opportunity!

Everything is wrong! There is a problem with everything and it’s frustrating.

You wake up late. Now, you have to wait for the shower. Finally, you’re ready and make it out the door, but you’re still running late. So many problems and you haven’t even made it to work yet. Now you have to listen to your boss talk to you about being on time and that you will have to stay later. You have a mountain of paperwork to finish, you’re frustrated, and you can’t focus. All these problems and stress.

We are prone to finding the negative highlights in stories or life. It’s not our fault thought. It’s how our minds have developed over the years. We are geared to think in terms of survival, finding problems and creating solutions to those problems. Following how our minds are programmed can cause us to have lives filled with stress, problems, and frustration. You’re constantly dealing with some sort of issue, either your own or someone else’s. This kind of life style can even work its way into your personal lives causing you not to accept your partner for who they are, but the “problems” they cause. Eventually that person will get tired of it and move on. Now you have another problem, your single.

One of the worst things this kind of life style can affect is your time. You lose a ton of time dealing with problems and stress on a daily basis. Listening to others problems, trying to solve your own, creating new problems just because you’re bored, and worrying about your stress, just eats up a lot of your precious time.

Changing this outlook on life is hard, very hard. But how do you change this type of mind-set? Well most of the time its suggested to accept life how it comes, deal with problems as they arise, and find solutions that are solid and long-lasting. This about the kinds of problems at arise and how important they are. Is there problem serious enough to where it costs money, life, or happiness? All other topics are basically small and can be dealt with rather quickly, whereas an issue like life vs. death is very serious. Pick and choose your problems on the impact they have on your life. If the grocery store ran out of strawberry ice cream, I promise, it is not the end of the world. You will still wake up tomorrow and be able to live a normal life. One thing with this solution is still requires you to look for problems. You have to find things that are wrong before you can act upon them.

What if we can change that. What if we look for opportunities rather than the problems. We are shifting from a reactive view to a proactive we. We would be able to take of things or situations before they became problems. And before they started to adversely effect our lives. Look for opportunities of growth allows you to solve problems before they happen. This frees up your time and makes your life a bit easier.

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