Part 6, staying true to your cause.

You’ve worked tireless nights. You obsessed about your dream and gave it 200% percent all the time. You graduated college focused and now its your next big move. A job!

You have to stay a head of the rest of the competition. How do you make yourself a unique candidate for the position your apply for? How do you provide value on the first day?

To make yourself a stand out candidate you have to think differently. Taking a step back and thinking differently about something can be scary at first. Because your doing something you haven’t done before. Your confidence isn’t very high and your nervous you made a mistake. But being different can be great.

Think about how you get a job. You blast your cover letter and resume to tons of potential employers in hopes that you will get noticed. I hopes that you will get recognized. In hopes that you will get hired. Lets start with the cover letter. Its the same old grocery list of words that make you seem like a He-man the defender of the universe. You spice it up by using in hopes to make it seem like your not being repetitive with your words. So, your cover letter should be an honest representation of you and your intentions. Making it fake is just like throwing confetti in the air during an interview. It’s cool at first, but they you look silly after it settles. Be honest with your intentions. Give them an image of who you are, give them a story about your passion and how your passion can give the company value.

Organizations don’t hire you based on a piece of paper you give them. They hire you because of the value they believe you can provide for them. So being honest up front gives you a better chance to get your foot in the door faster. Why? Because the person who is reviewing cover letters reads the same basic format on a daily basis. The same basic format. The same old basic story of how great the candidate is and the same old list of skills. Give the reviewer something to be wow’d by, give them something to remember, because then you will get called in for an interview.

Be honest and be transparent when it comes to your cover letter and resume. Write stories or give examples about your skills, don’t write them a list. Your resume should be clean, easy to ready, and not look like a 5 year old formatted it. Be savvy by thinking outside of the box. What are the 5,000 people who are applying for the job doing and how can you do it differently!

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