Let’s bring chivalry back!

Lets ride some horses, put on some armor suits, and be nice to people. Whats so bad about that? Nothing. You know chivalry the code developed by knights. It dealt with military skill, piety, bravery, kindness during battle, and being polite to women. It’s transformed a bit over the years. Sadly, just the wearing armor part has changed.

But why can’t we bring it back? I mean it’s a way of life that has a few characteristics attached to it. You’re basically a polite, honest, and kind individual. Whats, so hard about that?

Its kind of funny that it is a very sought after characteristic by women, yet most men don’t practice it anymore. There is kind of unspoken expectation that the women is treated like gods gift to earth and the guy does his best to cater to her every need. This is not chivalry. That is some misconstrued interpretation of what chivalry is supposed to be. It’s sad to say, but this type of scenario might have been the reason chivalry has declined over the generations. Another reason may be the fact that some women want to be self-sufficient and not have to rely on someone else for anything. Or it could also be that some men valued showmanship over manners and over time abandoned chivalry and its characteristics.

I still think there is hope! There is nothing stopping us from treating another human with some respect. Even if that person isn’t the nicest person you know you can still treat them with respect, show some integrity, and be polite. Its starts now, we have to look in the mirror and make a choice. Add some value to your life and begin a legacy. A legacy that helps set a positive example for future generations to come. This will happen if we lead by example. It will help show people through action that you can change the world with one small act of kindness at a time. By actually showing people with action it holds more power than trying to tell someone to do something. Asking or telling someone to be kind is kind of waste of time. It brings up this age-old “do as a say not as a I do” philosophy and who really has time to live in the past? Leading by example is basically one of the best ways to teach chivalry, kindness, respect, and well just about most things. Being selfless for a few short moments and holding the door for another person, just to be kind, is a very rewarding thing. I believe we can bring back chivalry and make it stronger than ever. We can make it part of our daily lives and just be able to help those around us.

I find it funny that chivalry has been coined by a few characteristics. You know things like holding the door, the offering of a jacket, pulling the car around when its raining. These are all the things people expect of you when you are say a gentlemen or chivalrous. These things are great, wondering, and amazing acts of kindness, but they do not define chivalry or what it takes to be a gentlemen. Its much more than that. Being chivalrous or a gentleman is a way of life. You don’t wait for certain scenarios to be kind, honest, heroic, or respectful.

Being chivalrous is not that hard. It is actually a very easy thing to do, it just takes a bit of effort and for thought. It’s basically developing an understanding of your surroundings and perfectly implementing yourself into the scenario to be a helpful individual. This doesn’t matter if your with strangers, friends, on a date, a long time lover, spouse, family, or your worst enemy. Again, being chivalrous or a gentleman is a way of life. It’s the way you view the world, how you treat it the world, and how you help the world. It’s a constant thing that you practice everyday, every moment, and every second. It’s not just some light switch you flip when you want to impress a girl to sleep with her or an attitude towards a guy so that he becomes interested.

In order to make this chivalry thing work you have to practice it at all times. Just because you have to practice it all the time, does not mean its a hard thing to do. You’re a kind, honest, and respectful human being that helps the world around you.

Being polite is one of the key characteristics of being chivalrous. Its being courteous, respectful and considerate towards other people. It’s a means of understanding another individual and showing them respect towards their beliefs or points of view. A polite person will avoid listening to gossip or being a part of it. They are also a type of social ninja. They are able to have amazing conversations with people regardless of the topic. A polite person will be able to add value to a conversation and extend the life of a conversation to maintain the interest of everyone involved. Polite people are also very humble and enjoy speaking just about the topic at hand. They avoid saying more than they should or asking about more than is being discussed. They will not pry into your personal life unless it is first brought up by the other person.

Chivalrous individuals are honest. They are able to be upfront with their feelings and are able to easily express them. When an individual is honest it makes them authentic.  This allows them to have a high self-esteem and high self-confidence. This makes them very courageous and gives them the ability to step outside their comfort zone and help others in awkward or embarrassing situations. Being honest also allows you to attract other honest people, but it can help prevent a lot of drama. Being up from and honest about a situation or a relationship from the beginning can  help prevent drama. When you are honest it can keep out of trouble. When you are able to tell the truth right away it can avoid doubt or mistrust from developing.

On top of being honest and polite, here are some ways to can help show chivalry and lead by example.

  • Be a kind person.
  • Hold the door for others.
  • Help others carry heavy stuff.
  • Pull a chair out for a woman as she is about to sit down.
  • Stand up, while at a table, when a women excuses herself from the table.
  • Walk on the street side of the sidewalk when walking with a women.
  • Pull the car around when it is raining outside, so others do not have to get wet.
  • Give someone else your jacket when its cold outside or raining.

Take a look at the person across the table from you and ask yourself how can I be more polite, kind, honest, and helpful towards them. How can I set an example that others will follow. Actions will always speak louder than words. It’s up to you to push the first domino, so that the others will follow.

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