Part 7, you’re on the job.

Why do companies hire people?

How can you, working towards you dream, answer that question.

To add value and explore new opportunities.

All those late nights, all those hours of reading, taking classes, and staying focused developed habits. It developed a mentality that is focused on accomplishing things. The key to building growth towards your goals is developing strong habits that are focused on accomplishing what you are doing. The famous line, if you start something finish it.

These habits, if developed properly, can add great value and opportunities to the organization that is hiring you. A degree gives them the answer that you are able to follow simple instructions and able to complete work in a timely manner. Your habits do this, but your passion allows you to add that value and opportunities to that organization.

Your passion towards your goal allows you to share your knowledge with the organization you’re in. You are able to improve upon certain nuances within the department you work for.

Start with your department and focus on helping create value for the organization. How can you work towards improving labor cost and creating an environment that is focused on achieving.

Through showing up everyday providing knowledge, exploring opportunities, and researching new possibilities will eventually translate into experience. Experience is a priceless asset. Whether the experience is good or bad it is a priceless asset. Good experiences are great, but bad experiences are the best. When you have a bad experience you remember it better. Celebrate your bad experiences, learn from them and grow.

That asset of experience is what adds value and opportunities to a passion and the organization. In the beginning it should not be able the money, it should be about developing skills, that translate into experience.

Eventually that experience becomes vast. You are able to implement value almost instantly you are able to help others grow. This experience is what is going to help you achieve your passion. Experience paired with your passion are unstoppable.

Always look for new ways to gain experience. Is it within your organization, is it trying a new hobby, is it taking classes; whatever, the activity is make sure its something new. Make sure its something that keeps you engaged and learning. Your focus on grow is what will help you add value to the company that your working for. Because your focused on personal growth will allow you to look for new opportunities within your work place.

Stay focused on your passion. Focus on working towards adding value and contributing value to the organization you work for. Don’t focus on the negative gossip or rumors. Focus on growth and development. It will get you to your goals faster. And soon enough you will be living your dream.

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