It’s not technology, its a human thing.

You go out with a group of friends for a couple of drinks. Most of the night everyone has their face in their phone and is texting, checking Facebook, tweeting, or posting something on snapchat. Someone sees a funny meme and shares it in the group chat. A lot of people ask what happened to real social interaction and manners. Well they do exist. It is still a real thing.

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate and we are blaming it for things we have power over. We only have a very short attention span and technology is keeping us perfectly entertained. The connectivity and possibilities of technology are remarkable. It’s nice to be able to speak with relatives across the work through Skype, message anyone around the world for free on WhatsApp, or even write an email. You can even create family Google Drives to keep all family photos. This allows you to share photos almost instantly.

We can quickly organize gatherings with friends, meet the love of our life, and even a quick hook-up for the night. These are just some of the ways technology has helped us stay connected. It’s also one of the ways it has kept our attention. With all these positive ways of interaction a lot of people claim that our social structure has changed and that manners are non-existent due to technology.

But why do we use technology as a scapegoat? I mean can’t you just turn it off, put it in your pocket, and have a conversation with another individual. At the end of the day, isn’t technology just a means to enhance our connectivity. It allows us to be connected to our world on a constant basis. That could be the issue at hand. We have some type of program or app that is constantly keeping us entertained. Your going to bed a your phone vibrates it’s one of your friends texted about tomorrows plans, then a snapchat rolls in, lastly you watch a quick episode of something on Netflix. Before you know it, its two hours later and your still awake.

What if its not technologies fault. What if technology is just a perfect tool to stay connected and we just haven’t figured out how to make it work in our lives. Figured out how to pull out the most important information and then discard the useless stuff that keeps us distracted. If we are able to reconfigure technology to enhance our lives rather than distract our lives, wouldn’t that solve everything?

It would allow us to have better relationships, allow us to stay connected with work and keep our friends in the loop with new and up coming plans. This would allow us to work on the social aspect of our lives again. You know the human interaction kind. It would give us a chance to actually connect with friends while out for a couple of drinks. Technology would not be distracting us with senseless information, rather enhancing our time spent together. We would actually be able to talk to one another instead of texting meme’s.

Try it out. Cut the parts of technology that are distracting you. If you’re on snapchat and only have one friend on there, but seem to be spending hours on it each day, maybe its time to limit your snapchat experience. Or Facebook, are you mindlessly scrolling through news feed. Why not take that time to enjoy a walk with a loved one or enjoy a couple of drinks with some friends. If your main complaint in life is that you have no time, maybe cutting out a lot of the technological distractions may free up some time.

Use technology to enhance your life and not to keep you chained up looking at information that’s just distracting.

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