Don’t do this, Don’t do that.

“Get off the chair your going to hurt yourself”

“Don’t climb that tree, you might fall down”

As we begin our journey through life we learn things along the way. We learn through experience, failure, teachers, family, friends, and our own interpretation. All these sources come together to give us a script to live by throughout our lives. We reference back to these experiences, failures, lessons, or observations to give us a way of handling our day-to-day activities. They help mold our self-esteem, conscience, free will, imagination, curiosity, and determination. No matter how you were raised, the mistakes you made, or lessons you learned, you can always change your script. You have the ability to rewrite and rewire how you think, act, walk, and talk.

Most sources tell us about the positive changes and how they can impact out lives. How working towards what makes us great can affect our lives very positively. How being kind and sincere can have a huge impact on the people in our lives. How your positive lessons can be passed down to future generations in hopes of positively affecting tomorrow. This is all great and wonderful; people should strive to help each other, work towards what makes you great, and help develop future generations, but you should be aware of the whole picture.

Experience, failure, teachers, family, friends, and you can be great influences on your life. It is all how you internalize what is being taught and the lesson you can derive from the information being presented. One aspect of learning we fail to mention a great deal is limitation. Learning can limit is if we do not view life with an open mind. If we take a lesson to heart and use the information to the fullest extent it can begin to limit our lives. We slowly overtime begin to build these walls of experience in our lives that cause us to limit what we do, how we view the world, or how we interact with other people.

Think about it this way. When you were younger and you would run through the house. I am pretty sure one of your parents would yell at you and tell you not to run. Of course you probably didn’t listen at first. You run through the house again, slip, fall, and bust your leg on the side of the couch. You get a pretty bad cut. Your parents drive you to the hospital and you have to get stitch. Your physical activity is greatly limited because of the injury and your bored. Your parents constantly remind you about how they told you not to run in the house. This experience teaches you running in the house can cause injuries. So from now on you don’t run in the house anymore and you use your experience to influence siblings, relatives, and maybe your own kids one day. Okay this was kind of simple example of how experience can limit your life.

Relationships! You have been dating someone for about 8 months now, you think things are getting pretty serious, and you find out they are cheating on you. Very distraught over the situation you develop trust issues when it comes to dating and relationships.

In the business world. You try to expand your business’ operation with a new style of marketing that does not produce the results you were quite looking for. Instead of going to back to the drawing boards, tapping into you and your staffs creativity, being more innovative, and looking at what has not been done yet, you decide to outsource your marketing/advertising to an outside firm. You and your team are slightly demoralized and not so eager to try new things anymore. Such an event can limit your business, workplace culture, and cost money in the long run.

Trying new activities. Your friends signed up for a community flag football league and asked you to play. Of course you say yes! Finally the season starts and your ready to show off your skills. Sadly you’re not in the shape you thought you were and cost the team the game. Your friends give you a hard time and you take it to heart. You decide to not show up the next week and avoid talking about the subject with your friends.

Don’t let one day, one moment, one experience, or one person limit you in your life. It’s your life, you are the creator of it, you get to choose what you do, you get to choose what affects you, and how you interpret life.

Never stop learning, exploring, trying new things, and being curious, but most of all don’t let limits slow you down. Keep an open mind as you move through life. Keep an open mind like a young child moving through life. Young children are limitless, fearless, and eager to try new things.

Be a kid again, be limitless, be fearless, and always try new things.

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