When life gives you lemons, get some sleep!

It’s the most exciting time of the day. You put on your pj’s, brush your teeth, and climb under a mountain of blankets. You either read a book or watch some Netflix before you doze off into dream land. Sleep is phenomenal in so many ways. Sure it helps when your tired, but there’s a bit more too it than that.

There is a lot that happens during your beauty sleep. Things like your body recharging itself, your brain does some stuff, and it even cheers you up a tad.

What kind of recharging does your body do? Well your immune system releases a special protein while you sleep helping you sleep and fight off diseases. Lack of sleep decreases this protein from being released and can start to affect your antibodies and cells. Get sleep and keep your immune system strong. If you get 7+ hours of sleep a night your body is able to maintain a health body weight. This helps keep things like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases at bay. While you sleep your muscles are able to fully recharge after exercise. Rest and nutrition do help with recovery, but sleeping allows them to replenish, recharge, and properly recover after you exercise.

It’s not just your brain and immune system that get recharged while you sleep. Your brain greatly benefits from sleep as well. While we sleep our brain processed and stores all the memories we made during the day. If we fail to get the proper amount of sleep it could affect how much of your memories for the day are being properly stored. Also, sleep will help with your cognitive reflexes and problem solving skills. Since you are properly rested and your brain was able to consolidate all the information from that day, your also less likely to make weird mistakes. Like leaving your keys in the freezer or inside a box of cereal.

Sleep can also help

Your muscles also recover and begin to rebuild themselves during that pounding you administered too it. It’s good to eat clean and healthy before sleep, this will allow for optimal recover. Also focus on foods with high anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

The rest of your system actually recovers too. And rebuilds it self and cleans itself up.

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