Part 8, sometimes you need more than one.

You work hard every day. You take the time to learn things, understand them, and apply the information to your life. You have had great success while working by yourself and have accomplished many things.

While this is great and you are doing awesome. You begin to plateau. There is a slight drop off with the amount of work you get done or the quality of it. And you begin to realize that maybe you can’t know it all. Sometimes you need the help of others.

Their perspective, knowledge, and experience can greatly help you and the organization you are working for. It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are or how smart you might be, team work always wins.

Working with others can be a challenge at first if you are use to working by yourself. You have to accept that you may be wrong sometimes or that your answer isn’t always the best. It is a unique experience to work with people who are like minded and as dedicated as you are. The output you are able to achieve while working in these cohorts allows you and others to share their experiences to help everyone.

At the end of the day, its better to take a step back and listen for once. Providing all the answers all the time is great, but you can provide better answers while working with a team. Being part of the team doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your identity. I means how you as an individual, with all your talents and skills, can contribute to make the team stronger.

It’s not always about you. You have to be able to work in teams in order to get great pieces of work done. Working by yourself may be great and you may do fantastic work, but organizations look for people who can provide great impact to the teams that work with on a daily basis.

When continuing to work towards your dream, learning to work with others can help you get there just a bit faster. Good Luck!

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